Useful Apps For Students

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Study Apps

Wolfram Alpha

It’s great for checking answers on homework problems and allows you to see step-by-step solutions to almost any question you can think of. Just make sure you don’t use it to replace the hard (and necessary) work of understanding the material.


Anki is a digital flashcard tool that not only helps you learn information but also uses spaced repetition to ensure that you retain what you’re studying. You don’t have to remember when to study a flashcard; Anki will automatically show it to you just as you’re about to forget the information. It’s a lifesaver for learning formulas or historical dates.


To catch more errors quickly while writing in English, you can use Grammarly. It automatically checks your work for common grammar, spelling, and usage errors. When it finds an error, it highlights it and even explains what you should write instead.

Organization Apps


The internet is full of interesting articles, but you don’t always have time to read them the moment you discover them. Pocket lets you save articles to read offline, stripping out all of the annoying ads. This makes it super useful for research, as well as learning about new topics.


Evernote is a simple, powerful note-taking app that makes it easy to search and organize your notes. And if you prefer to take notes on paper, the Evernote app makes it simple to digitize your notes for later review.

Productivity Apps


Todoist is a to-do list app that has a clean interface, works great on mobile, and makes it easy to organize your tasks.


At its core, Forest is a timer app…with a catch. Once you turn on Forest, the app will begin to grow virtual trees. As long as you don’t touch your phone while the timer is going, the trees will continue to grow. But if you pick your phone up, the forest will wither and die.



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